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My journey into the world of “essential oils” began 8 years ago when my son, Connor, was first diagnosed with “Aspergers Syndrome/Bipolar Disorder/OCD/ADHD”.  Yeah!  That’s what I said … “what the hoozie-whatzie?”

Like many (or most), Connor was prescribed medication after medication.  Each with all good intentions of “fixing” whatever it may be that has put Connor into these MANY categories of diagnoses.  While I believe in so many instances that Western medicine may be what it takes to make “it” better for some, it was incredibly difficult to watch as Connor went through the side effects of each of these prescribed medications.  So, I did what any other caring parent would do and dove into the amazing world of “internet research”.  Time after time I came across incredible stories from other parents in very similar situations who were using essential oils in conjunction with, or rather than, their child’s prescribed medications.

I did more research … asked friends … used the essential oils myself … AND … we were on our way down another avenue to easing some of what “gets to” my kiddo.  We were using the essential oils throughout the day, and then … the day came … the first day of school.  Nowhere on the school information sheets does it ask about the use of essential oils and, after inquiring with the teachers and administration, no one wanted to be involved with applying the essential oils to Connor.  UGH! I get it – I suppose, but “what do I do now?”  Needless to say, Connor did not use his essential oils throughout the school day and Mom spent quite a bit of time volunteering on school grounds in order to be there in the event of an “event”.

We did not stop using our oils at home and, as a matter of fact, we began using them for just about everything.  Maybe not EVERYTHING, but I can tell you that each and every time there was an instance where we were dealing with a sleepless night, muscle pain, headache, focus issues, allergies, unsettled stomach, moodiness, congestion, even a nasty skin tag … etc … we would reach for our essential oils.

Now, even though we had started a routine where Connor did not use the oils during the school day, it still bothered me that there wasn’t some way to “make it happen”.  Soooo … back to “internet research “ mode.  And THERE IT WAS!  Essential oil diffuser jewelry.  OK … Connor isn’t going to wear most, if any, of what they are showing because in his words “Ummmm … I’m a boy and those are all girl necklaces”.  HA!  To each is own I guess, but you can imagine where that left me … MORE RESEARCH!

And … here we are!

And that’s how “Unique Me Jewelry / U.Me.” came to be!

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